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Why Choose Us?


Quality Materials

At Vaz Hardwood Floors, we use only the highest quality products for your new floor, from the wood we install to the polyethylene coat that makes it shine. We will even give your floor a full 3 coats of finisher, while other companies only offer 2.


Fast Service

Each project is priced out by solely by square foot, instead of an hourly rate. What may take other companies weeks, Vaz Hardwood Floors will get done in a fraction of the time.


Quality Service

At Vaz Hardwood Floors, we go above and beyond to meet our high quality service standards. One way we do this is by doing what we can to ensure that your floor will last a lifetime. A hardwood floor can expand, shrink, and shift with changes in the weather, causing cracks and separations. Because of this, we intentionally use a high number of staples for each installation. More staples means more solid flooring.


The Extra Mile

At Vaz Hardwood Floors, we know wood. The humidity of each person’s home is different, and wood flooring needs to become acclimated to the environment’s humidity prior to installation. Because of this, we bring the flooring to your house two weeks before the installation date in order to ensure that your new hardwood floor is the healthiest it can be.


Personal Touch

Another great thing about Vaz Hardwood Floors is that we offer a personal touch. When you do business with us you are not talking to a department with individuals who might give you different answers. Instead, you are speaking with an owner or manager who has 10+ years of professional experience in flooring, and your best interests in mind.

The VAZ Difference

At Vaz Hardwood Floors we care about customer experience.

Large companies have a customer service department, and getting answers can sometimes be very frustrating. With a small business you can go straight to the owner or manager in order to get your questions answered and problems solved.

Large companies are also most concerned about selling their product and will contract any crew to go do the job. With Vaz Hardwood Floors you can be sure that the same team who sells you the product will be the team to perform the installation.

Local companies also offer more customized solutions than large companies. We will find the product you want through our close knit partners and vendors instead of limiting you to a store selection.