Commercial Options For Your Business

Quality That’s Affordable

Here at Vaz Hardwood Floors we understand that price and quality are both important factors when deciding your commercial flooring installation.

We strive to offer competitive prices for both materials and services so that both you and your pocketbook are happy.

Don’t need an entire installation?

Talk to us about refinishing your business’s hardwood floors at a fraction of the price!


Commercial Installation

We pride ourselves on the beauty of our new hardwood floor installations. We offer a wide range of wood flooring products that are limited only by your imagination. From beautiful and functional hardwoods to recapturing old world charm through the design and creation of true hand-scraped flooring. Vaz Hardwood Floors can help you by installing flooring that reflects the character of your business, whether that business needs a corporate feel, a cozy ambiance, or something completely unique.

We understand that when it comes to business, time is money. Our crew will work weekends and after hours on your commercial installation in order to meet your deadlines and exceed your expectations.


Commercial Refinishing

Businesses often receive very heavy foot traffic all year around. In order to keep your wood floors healthy, periodic refinishing is a must!

Not sure how much it will cost to refinish your business’s hardwood floors? No problem! Our owner, Ronaldo Vaz, would be more than happy to stop by at your convenience to assess the amount of work needed to be done and to give you a quote – all for free! And again, our team will operate after hours and on weekends to ensure that your floors are ready for when you need to be at work.

Gym hardwood flooring

Gym Hardwood Flooring

One of the things that Vaz Hardwood Floors does best is making gym floors look amazing!

We can do everything from furnishing a gym with a brand new hardwood floor, to restoration and refinishing of old floors. Whatever your gym floors need, we can provide.

We know that gyms are used all year around for sports, events and more. With Vaz Hardwood Floors you won’t have to worry about having your gym tied up while being restored or refinished. We will work around your schedule by working overnight or on weekends in order to ensure that your gym is ready to go when you need it.