Residential Options For Your Home

Dare To Dream

Vaz Hardwood Floors can turn your house into a dream home. Refinish that worn out kitchen, or replace ugly carpet with beautifully finished hardwood floor. We want to help you bring the dreams and aspirations you have for your home to life.

We will visit your home and walk you through the whole flooring process, giving you tips and ideas along the way. Our professionals are concerned with what is best for you and your home, and will always be transparent in our recommendations.

Our team is also very respectful of your home. Installations are quick and clean, and you won’t have to worry about leftover dust to clean up afterwards.


Hardwood Flooring Installation

Our hardwood floor installations are a thing of beauty. You will be amazed how a brand new hardwood floor from Vaz hardwood floors will give your home a new ambience.

Nothing quite matches the experience of a Vaz flooring install.

Not sure what kind of wood to use? Our professionals would be happy to give you recommendations from our vast selection of high quality flooring so that your new floor is a perfect fit for your home.


Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

Unfinished hardwood flooring is “raw” wood that is installed prior to being stained and coated. Because everything is done on-site, the entire process generally takes longer than with pre-finished flooring. This is because of the extra time that is needed for sanding, staining, and applying of varnish. On the plus side, unfinished installations offer benefits such as a smoother finish and stronger seal. Unfinished flooring also offers more types of wood species, so we can easily match your new floor to an existing look.

What are some benefits of unfinished flooring?

  • Unfinished flooring is highly uniform, stable, and even due to the process of sanding and on-site finishing.
  • Laying unfinished hardwood floors and finishing them after installation helps maintain the wood’s natural characteristics.
  • Sanding enables the installer to do borders, inlays, and other customized elements which are not usually available with factory finished flooring.
  • Finishing hardwood floors on-site makes it easier to match the newly installed hardwood flooring and finish with any existing hardwood flooring or other interior element.

Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring

Pre-finished hardwood flooring is a very popular option these days. Installation is quick and clean because the wood has already been stained and coated prior to installation.

There are two kinds of pre-finished hardwood: Solid Wood & Engineered Wood.


Solid Wood Flooring: Solid wood flooring is a solid piece of wood from top to bottom. Prefinished solid wood flooring is available in most all wood species and stain colors. The thickness varies from 5/16” to 3/4” and lengths anywhere from 12″ – 84″ long. Solid wood flooring can be installed above or on grade, and can be sanded and refinished new again up to 7 times and can last well over 100 years.

Engineered Wood Flooring: Engineered wood is a very popular, high quality product that is comprised of a layer of real hardwood with other layers of derivative wood products. The term “engineered” refers to the way the wood is constructed. Because of the way engineered flooring is constructed, it is less susceptible to moisture and is far more resistant to expansion and contraction that occurs with solid planks. With many options in regards to finishes, wood species, and width of the wood, you can find the perfect match for your home.

Both of the above flooring options are very durable and beautiful, and will last you a lifetime if the floor is well maintained.



Are you not happy with your current hardwood floor? Instead of replacing it, talk to our team about the benefits of refinishing. We will take your old wood floor and make it look brand new!

What is wood floor refinishing exactly?

Refinishing includes:

  1. Sanding down the floor past the current finish
  2. Screening the floor to buff out the rough patches
  3. Staining the floor in order to apply the color you desire
  4. Sealing the floor with the finish

When should I have my floor refinished?

Hardwood floors should typically be refinished every 10 years, but this largely depends on the traffic the floor receives and how bothered you are by scratches and warn out areas of flooring.


Screening and Recoating

Has your hardwood floor lost its shine? We can help! With our Screen and Recoat process, we can make your wood floor look brilliant at a fraction of the price of refinishing!

Recoating is applying a fresh coat of finish to your hardwood floors, and is often confused with refinishing a hardwood floor. Unlike refinishing, you are not removing the original finish on the floor. It’s normal for hardwood floors to be recoated more than once during the life of the hardwood floor.

Why should I recoat my hardwood floor? There are several good reasons.

  1. Recoating covers over superficial scratches or worn areas on the surface of your hardwood floor.
  2. Recoating a hardwood floor is a great way to restore the brilliance and shine of a floor at minimal cost.
  3. Recoating can extend the life of a hardwood floor, and reduce the number of times it needs to be refinished.

How often should I recoat my hardwood floor?

Floors should be recoated periodically.  This is a 1 day process and considered part of basic hardwood floor maintenance.  When the original finish starts to dull and show more surface wear, this is when the floors should be recoated to bring back the life and luster back to the floor.  Necessary recoating can vary in time from 2-5 years, depending on daily maintenance and amount of traffic.


Hand-Scraped Flooring

Hand-Scraped flooring, is the art of marking and sculpting the wood by hand rather than using power tools. Hand-scraping includes sanding, denting or scooping the wood to create indentations, and creating little splits or holes.

Hand-Scraped wood is all the rage right now! It is designed to have the look of an older style floor made by hand, showing a natural kind of wear, while still offering a unique design and modern feel.

One advantage of a Hand-Scraped floor is that it naturally hides any minor blemishes which may occur in the future, like a minor scrape, a dent from something dropped, etc. This can be especially attractive to those who have an active household.

What are my options for Hand-Scraped flooring?

Hand-Scraped flooring is not limited to only solid wood. In fact, engineered wood flooring offers Hand-Scraped options, which opens up a world of Hand-Scraped design choices!



Hardwood Staircases

There is nothing quite like converting carpeted stairs to brilliant, polished hardwood. The addition of a natural wood staircase can instantly reinvigorate your home, giving it a new angle and a fresh, modern feel!

Why should I consider converting my stairs to hardwood?

  1. Wood lasts. With professional installation and the correct treatment over time, wooden staircases can look great for many, many years – easily outlasting other materials.
  2. Easy to clean. Carpet is easily stained and collects unseen particles and dust. With a wooden staircase you can be sure that simple brushing and minimal cleaning will keep it spotless.
  3. Added value. One of the bigger factors of installing a wooden staircase is the value that it will add to your home. An inspiring natural staircase can be the much needed catalyst for any potential buyer. Having a wooden staircase will undoubtedly add value to your property and make your property stand out in a saturated market.

Designer Flooring

You Imagine – We Create.

Vaz Hardwood Floors is dedicated to the art of designing and creating unique hardwood floors. All designer requests are done by our owner, Ronaldo Vaz.

We can install your new hardwood floor in patterns such as:

  • Random Board Width
  • Single Width
  • Woven
  • Parquet
  • Diagonal
  • Herringbone
  • Anything other design you can imagine!

Break out of the traditional wood floor look with a Vaz Designer Wood Floor.



Repair and Restoration

Accidents happen. Floors can get scratched, dented, or damaged over time and this may not be possible to avoid.
We at Vaz Hardwood Floors are experts when it comes to repairing and restoring hardwood floors. We have seen it all.

How do you repair a damaged floor?

It all depends on the extent of the damage. Often times we can simply sand, refinish, engineer, or replace just the wood that is damaged. If the damage is severe, we may need to replace larger part of the wood flooring.

Tip: If you are purchasing pre-finished flooring, it’s never a bad idea to buy extra flooring in case you need to replace damaged planks down the road.